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When Your Feet?

Extra weight also adds pressure to feet and knees – additional 3 pounds for each 1 pound over your target weight.
Make comfort your priority in shoes and remember, your foot size will change! Make sure you check your … Continue reading

Why do I hurt?

Heel pain without injury, most often is an inflammation of the fascia on the bottom of the arch, known as plantar fasciitis.



It can begin fairly mild and gets progressively more painful as the inflammation increases and … Continue reading

Are Calluses Helpful for Running?


Calluses can be harmless, as a thin layer for protection. But when they become too thick, they are bothersome. They have been called IPKs. These bull eye targets are painful and will lead to changes in your gait when … Continue reading

Meet our new doctor!

Dr. Danielle Shaper, DPM

Dr. Danielle Shaper, DPM is a board certified Podiatrist. She specializes in medical and surgical treatments of the foot. Dr. Shaper has hospital privileges to take care of your Patients.

She has a … Continue reading